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"They Live" Live in Downtown Los Angeles

Artists Stephen Zeigler and Calder Greenwood gave downtown residents a living installation inspired by the classic film  They Live, with signage and actor dressed as an alien in a business suit as seen through Roddy Piper’s magical glasses that reveal the truth of existence. From the film’s official description:

"They influence our decisions without us knowing it. They numb our senses without us feeling it. They control our lives without us realizing it. THEY LIVE."

A rugged loner (RODDY PIPER) stumbles upon a terrifying discovery: ghoulish creatures are masquerading as humans while they lull the public into submission through subliminal advertising messages. Only specially made sunglasses make the deadly truth visible.

Shepard Fairey credits the movie as a major source of inspiration: “They Live was… the basis for my use of the word ‘obey’. The movie has a very strong message about the power of commercialism and the way that people are manipulated by advertising.”

Source: L.A. Taco

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Nothing makes me more disappointed than to see an actor I admire apologize for being in a horror film.
Robert Englund, NOES panel (via serialreview)

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Over the weekend Orlando, FL hosted the annual Spooky Empire’s May-Hem convention, a horror themed convention as the title states. As with any convention you get many professional photographers taking pictures of con goers and cosplayers. This weekend was so no different, one would have thought. Local radio station 101.1 WJRR  had a photographer out taking pictures and the end result of their photos makes my stomach turn.

 They made two sections. A “WTF” Section pretty much bashing everyone in it. Plus who wants to be put in a section titled “WTF”.  They also made a “Babes of” Section, a.k.a. the “hot girls”.  What makes me sick is that the WTF section is pretty much equal to the babes of section. In both sections you see costumes that are perfectly made, and in both sections you see awesome horror make up and sexy chicks.  Above I show a list of photos to compare what is a “WTF” and what is a “Babe” according to WJRR ,

I want to add that no comments where put on the babes photos from the original article. 

Photos by: CCOrlando iTeam

"WTF" Article 

"Babes of" Article 


Some of my friends were in the “WTF” section and weren’t entirely stoked to find that their photos was taken without their consent and mocked.